Dont forget about the ROOSTERTEETH Extra Life Live Stream this October 25th!

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Few more days till the live stream! I swear to christ i wanna see Gavin/Michael eat something stupid =)))

So amazing!


3x3 Nuptune Vasilias from RWBY

Requested by anonymous

if someone cosplays as “People-Like-Grapes-covered Neptune” then fucking fantastic baby

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Barbara Bunkelman

More like, Barbara Bunkelman.

…It’s already been done, hasn’t it? Damn it.

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Anonymous asked:
Are you okay? From work?

oh yeah, I’m totally fine! Just…incredibly sore… haha.

Did you know your hands could get sore? pfttt CUZ I DIDNT LOL.

But yeah, some cuts and bruises from carrying stuff all day, no biggie. Thanks for your concern though! :>

Anonymous asked:
Whenever I say your url in my head, I imagine it in yangs voice, and I don't know why.

That’s neat, cuz if there’s anything I can’t imagine, it’s that for some reason o-o? (That or when I try it sounds like shes saying it like “ehsooooooooooo-rbydsu”

ARTIST: Beat Dominator
ALBUM: Techno Bass
TRACK: 123456 Bass

for full effect, crank up the bass. (prepare to either lose your eardrums of have stuff fall off if you got good bass.)

I don’t wanna go to work


Imagine your icon giving you forehead kisses and resting their chin on your head.

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Guess who’s who for Halloween this year!

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